A Selection Of The Best Research Paper Topics In Environmental Economics

It’s not enough to write well on just any old topic when it comes to a research paper in economics. Topics are extremely important and can make or break your entire assignment. You always want choose something original, something interesting, as well as something you can manage to complete adequately. The following is a great selection of environmental economics research paper topics you can use on your next assignment or use to draw some inspiration from:

  1. How do new green products and renewable energy solutions help young business owners capitalize on government-led incentive programs and tax breaks?
  2. How would countries benefit economically by initiating stronger efforts towards improving their nations’ environmental policies? Would this attract more business or push it away?
  3. It has long been suggested that there is more money to be made by invest in renewable energy solutions. So why haven’t more investors backed pro-environmental initiatives?
  4. Does ethnicity or race have any part in the way certain regions in the world view environmental economics? If neither of this factor, then why are certain regions less interested?
  5. Are incentives for pro-environment initiatives ample enough to attract big money? Despite national goals set by leading nations, many private citizens are still hesitant to make a change?
  6. How has behavioral economics been affected by the regulation of energy efficiency? Has this caused more companies to invest or not invest in pro-green products and services?
  7. The cost of renewable energy continues to be high because of a lack of power storage technology solutions. What investment opportunity does the latter hold for business?
  8. How are Japanese and Chinese automobile makers leading the way in energy solutions for travel? Why have other countries in the world joined in on this innovative future?
  9. Why are community voters so adamant about protecting their local environment but unwilling to vote on statewide legislature that would essentially serve more people for the better?
  10. If recycling is both environmentally and economically sound then why haven’t more local governments pushed initiatives through making recycling mandatory in communities?

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