US Economic History Research Paper Writing Guidelines

Research paper writing is one very involving process that every student must be well prepared for. Students normally have the whole of their final year to prepare and complete their projects. Even so, some still get caught up in a last minute rush. Well, some students are out rightly lazy and rarely finish any assignment in time. However, the main reason for this common mess is lack of proper guidance on how to prepare and complete a research paper. Every academic paper is done based on some set guidelines that are generally acceptable. A history research involves some digging in to the past and relating the past to the present. Towards the end there must be a clear correlation between the past, the present and the future.

Research papers are not a collection of abstract ideas. In fact, a bigger portion of this type of a paper is made up of facts that are numerically supported. In the case of US economic history, one must get accurate information from reliable sources and support them with data for credibility. The following are basic rules of research paper writing in economic history

  • Pick a good topic: Some of the qualities of a good topic include relevance to the field of study, reasonable scope and clarity. Choosing a research topic is a process that should not be rushed but rather carefully considered. One can get a topic from their tutor or just choose a topic of their interest as long as it meets the standards of a research topic.
  • Research: doing an economic history research is quite a task. A combination of economics which are majorly numerically measured and history which is mainly theoretical. Most of the work is done at this stage. It includes a preliminary research, doing a basic bibliography, full bibliography then the main research. One requires adequate information to complete a research paper but it doesn’t have to be gathered all at once. There are gaps that one can fill in later after they have done the basics of the outline and the final draft.
  • Actual writing: After one gathers relevant facts, figures and theoretical data they can now draft the document. For the sake of order, one should first do an outline then a rough draft before finalizing on the paper. The outline is meant to guide the writer and should therefore be in the correct format of the paper. One can get help on how to do an accurate draft from a research paper writing service provider.

Different people react to research differently depending on their attitude or understanding of the same. Almost all students believe that it is hectic and stressful. However, with adequate preparation and guidelines, research is enjoyable.