Creating A Research Paper Title Page In The MLA Format: 7 Guidelines

The title page of a research paper is brief but carries a lot of weight in terms of content and significance. It acts as the face of the paper and should therefore be done to perfection. Different styles of writing present different formats of the title page. A research paper title page mla format is not the same as one written in APA or any other style. This charges every student with the responsibility to thoroughly understand the different styles and their distinguishing features. Sometimes a tutor can just decide to give writing instructions away for the usual. If a student was used to one style of writing and has no idea of what happens in others, they are bound to fail unless they seek help. Even for those who already know how to write a paper in MLA style, they still need a sample for reference so that they don’t miss important details.

Most students prefer to do the rest of the paper then fix the title page later. Others have to get the title page right before they proceed just to be sure they start on the right footing. Whether it is done in the beginning or the end, the title page must be done to impress the reader and introduce the theme of the study satisfactorily. One can find a research paper mla example in academic paper writing websites and study to understand the format of the title page. The college libraries are also reliable sources of sample papers done in MLA style. Sometimes the libraries can be limited in resources but one can never go wrong online, especially if they search academic custom writers. For those who are wondering how to differentiate between an MLA written title and others, here are guidelines on how to create a research paper title in MLA style.

  • The title page should not be counted among the pages of the document. This means that the page numbered as first is actually not the title page but rather the one containing the text of the paper
  • In MLA style of writing, the title should be centered at two inches from the margin
  • Double spacing should be applied on the title page
  • There should be a one inch margin all round the page but there should not be extra space whether above or below the title.
  • The first letters of the major words of the title should be capitalized
  • If the source of the title is part of the main paper, then the title should be in quotation marks
  • The font of the title page should the same as the rest of the paper. It should neither be in bold nor enlarged.

Apart from the title page, it is also important for one to know how to do a research paper rubric mla style. A research paper must be done according to the rules that govern the specified otherwise marks will be lost for writing the right content in a wrong format.