Rules For Writing A Research Paper Introduction On Banking History

A research paper introduction is one of the most important parts of a research paper. Regardless of the subject of study, the introduction must leave a strong impression on the reader. This enables the writer to tag the reader along through the rest of the paper. A research paper should have a strong link between the introduction, the main body and the conclusion. This makes it very necessary for one to consider the relevance and contribution of the introduction to the rest of the work. When doing a research on banking history, the manner in which the paper starts matters a lot. Banking is more of factual and numerical data than it is theoretical. This means that one must do relevant review of literature and include figures to create a strong introduction to the subject.

In a standard research paper, paragraphs are written in an orderly manner. One does not just drop any paragraph without weighing its significance. In a career research paper introduction, paragraph arrangement is done with regard to the cause and effect of different ideas. One thing must lead to another and the order should make sense. The banking sector is affected by factors in the past and the present which are then used to predict the future. The introduction should therefore give a background of how several factors are likely to affect each other in the banking sector. Such a technical introduction must be governed by rules for it to meet its objectives. The following are simple guidelines to follow when writing a banking history introduction:

  • Expound on the theme: Each study has a general theme that is enclosed in the topic. At the introduction, the writer should explain what exactly they want to talk about. This makes it easier to evaluate whether the theme was tackled by the end of the study.
  • Mark the scope: One should clearly point to the examiner what they will cover during the study. This way the examiner can tell whether objectives were met or not.
  • Give direction: A good introduction will clearly give the direction of the study. If the evaluator cannot tell where the study is headed, the student is at loss.
  • Adequate background information: The one evaluating the paper must be adequately fed with the background information so that they can know what to expect in the study.
  • Focus: The highlights in the introduction must be made in a focused manner. When the points are all over the place, it becomes hard for the reader to grasp the gist of the theme. Such an impression does not work in favor of the student since it leaves the tutor disinterested.

The banking sector is a major part of economic growth and so any research done on it must be on point. For any student who is not sure of how they can write a well articulated introduction, help is just a click of an icon away, thanks to the internet. Most professional writers can avail a standard research paper introduction paragraph outline for guidance.