How To Cite Research Paper In The MLA Format Properly

When writing a research paper, some fine details like citations can easily elude or get the writer confused. This is why every good student should familiarize themselves with all the major and minor details of different writing styles. The need to find a research paper example mla format can also not be over ruled. It is possible to forget some details especially with all the pressure and rush that comes with preparing and writing research papers. Proper citation is one of the tools against plagiarism besides paraphrasing. Acknowledging sources of materials that have contributed to the paper in one way of the other is very important. Some formats allow the use of italics, bold and parenthesis when citing sources while others only allow the use of semicolons.

When citing a paper in MLA style of writing, there are specific guidelines that one should follow. If a student is not keen enough, there is a possibility confusing the details hence the need to be very keen.

The following are standard guidelines on how to cite research paper mla style:

  • In the case where a source has more than one author, there last names should be listed in the order they appear in the source
  • A parenthetical citation is placed where there is a pause in a sentence
  • Where the name of the author is not provided, one should use the name of the source instead.
  • When citing a chapter within a book, inside the parenthesis the name of the author is separated from the name of the book by a comma.
  • In the case where one needs to cite just a part of the work, one should provide the section identifier
  • A corporate author is cited just like a normal author but is most preferably include in the text rather than in parenthesis.
  • When making citations multiple works by one author, a comma is used to separate the name of the author and the source.
  • For literature or religious works, further information like the relevant page number is required.
  • When doing periodical citations, commas should not be used to separate page numbers but rather a colon.

Paper writing information is not rare to find especially online where there are numerous custom writers. It is possible to get a research paper template mla style to answer all citation questions that one may have. One should never under-estimate the power of information.