Organizing A Research Paper Outline In The MLA Format

Writing a research paper outline in MLA is a skill you will need in the course of your life in school. Therefore, it is important for you to look into the details of what defines an MLA writing style in order for you to get the very best in your assignments. Here are important things to note when developing your research paper outline format for college assignments.

  1. Before writing your MLA paper outline, the first thing to consider is doing a page set-up. Note that the header for your outline should be different from that used in the remaining bit of your paper. Therefore, you will have to start a new document meant specifically for your outline.
  2. The outline then starts with a lowercase Roman numeral i.e “i” set as the page number on the top-right corner of all the pages after the first page and end at the point where the actual paper writing starts.
  3. The Title of your research paper outline should be centred.
  4. Next, write the thesis statement directly underneath the title but to the left and identify it as such. The thesis statement should be with 1-2 sentences. For example:

Thesis: This essay states that, human life is too important to be gambled with. Its value cannot be measured.

Your outline is expected to comprise of complete sentences and that each of your general points in the outline are indicated with an uppercase Roman numeral! A numeral for each of your paragraphs will be needed. It is important to use research paper outline format MLA services available online to learn how you can develop your own.

Most importantly, your outline should be a list showing various levels. Simply, it should be a mix of letters and numbers, if required. However, consider the numbers and letters to use first. It is important to begin with the Roman numeral “I”. The subtopic coming following the next line is an Uppercase of letter “A”. Should this subtopic have its own subtopic, then it would be listed as number “1”. Again, if there will be another subtopic, this will be listed starting with lowercase “a” and so on. Make sure you get a good research paper outline format example to study through before you can get started.

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